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Jean Hems

$8.00 - $9.00

Have us hem your jeans for you!

Folded: This type of hem is best for keeping the original stitching. We take the access material and fold it up into a hem. The maximum fabric that we can keep inside is 1.5”.

Re-attached: If your jeans have worn edges on the bottom of your hem that you want to keep, then this is the hem you want; we will cut off the bottom of the jeans hem and reattach it once they are shortened to the desired length. This is the most common type of hem.

Regular Hem: Using the measurements that you give us with your order, we will cut off any access material and hem your jeans to the desired length; we will use the same color thread as the original hem.

If this is your first time hemming with us, please review the instructions below.

Also, please refer to our measurement guide and shipping information pages. Thank you.

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